Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a big investment for me, what if I'm not sure if I'm ready to make this type of investment?

    Let’s face it, you can find a lot of advice online for free, but in reality, you’re probably already wasting hours searching for answers to simple questions - only to wind up feeling still very overwhelmed. And this is leading to still no action being taken on growing your online brand. “For every dollar you invest in your personal development it adds at least $30 to your bottom line over time.” - Brian Tracy

  • Will I make money right away after purchasing your course?

    That all depends on you and how quickly you implement what you are learning, and how much time you’re willing to devote to your brand. If you’re willing to roll your sleeves up and work through my proven process in this Fitness Influencer Blueprint course, you could have your first program up and ready to sell in just a month!

  • I'm a older Personal Trainer. Do I fit into the current Instagram world of Fitness Influencers?

    In September 2018, social media marketers did research on Instagram and discovered that users between the ages of 45-54 were a community of 68 million and growing! The ages between 55-64 was at 30 million and growing. My Fitness Influencer Blueprint course will help you map out how to target those millions of people the right way so you can monetize and leverage online e-commerce better than you can ever leverage your physical time!

  • Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of your course?

    Yes! But if you are doing exactly as the course teaches you to do daily and weekly, you will also receive confirmation from your audience by the growth of your platform as well as the monetary growth from you doing the right things - and that holds even more value.

  • Will I be guaranteed to grow my following to 100,000 or more by purchasing your course?

    I DO NOT guarantee that you will grow your following to 100,000 or more with the purchase of my course. I DO GUARANTEE that you will grow your following organically and with the proper engagement that will allow you the opportunity to continue to develop your platform as well as monetize your platform by purchasing my course. It's up to you to take what you've learned and then put it into action.

  • Will I understand the proper business strategies of using Instagram after taking your course?

    YES, YES, YES, and YES!! Absolutely, that is exactly what I'm teaching you in the Fitness Influencer Blueprint so you can setup a strong foundation and structure to your online business and brand.

  • Will I be able to speak with you, and will you help me after I enroll in your course?

    My team an I are always available to you by email to answer any questions you may have at any point in time throughout your process as you learn and begin developing your brand through the steps in my course. My only requirement that I have, is before you contact us with a question, make sure you have given it time to work and you have applied the action steps exactly as you have heard it in the course before you reach out to ask for help. I’m all about you taking action and then letting the marketplace help you learn from what you have put in place so you can become a better business and brand for yourself.

  • Do you have any reviews or testimonials from students who have worked with the Fitness Influencer Blueprint course already?

    Yes! If you click on TESTIMONIALS from the menu above, it will take you directly to past and present students in their words about having worked with this course.

  • Does your course have a payment plan option?

    Yes! Click on PAYMENT PLAN from the menu above to read full details on the payment plan option.